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Green Business

Promodal, a leading operator in the Green Business

According to a general definition, the Green Business or Green Economy, is made of all those economic activities undertaken by “all the companies that produce goods or services aimed at avoiding, reducing or eliminating environmental pollution”.

Promodal Green Business ou l'Économie Verte

Promodal, thanks to its multimodal activity, takes part in current environmental preoccupations, with no detriment to their benefits. Placing Green Business at the heart of the company, creates positive value for its clients, for its investors and for the environment.

Thanks to piggyback, become at once our client and an operator in Green Business!

Comparing CO2 emissions

Here’s an example to see the different impact of road transport and combined road-rail transport on the environment :

Route: a 20 tons truck from Roissy Airport (Paris) to Nîmes (730 km)

Carbon assessment :

100% road transport: 660 Kg of CO2.

Combined road-rail:

  • By road: Roissy – Valenton: 35 Km, equivalent to 31 Kg of CO2 emission.
  • By rail: Valentin – Avignon: 700 Km, equivalent to 52 Kg of CO2 emission
  • By road: Avignon – Nîmes: 46 Km, equivalent to 41 Kg of CO2 emission

For a total emission of 124 Kg of CO2 with combined road-rail transport.

Conclusion : This example shows that piggyback, this alternative mode of transport, pollutes 5 times less than road transport.

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