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A flexible and reactive company

With 25 years’ experience in the transport business, Promodal can respond quickly and efficiently to your Transport and Logistics needs.

Combined road-rail transport, Road transport, Chartering and Logistics: a varied and complementary offer

Combined road-rail transport

Our clients enjoy our operational knowledge of the whole multimodal chain. Thanks to combined transport, we are able to charge a 28 tons payload and handle it from day 1 to day 2, between the north and the south of France with a much higher degree of reliability than other modes of transport.

Le combiné rail-route

Road transport and Chartering

Our clients express the need to deal with a dedicated operator in order to take care of all of their transport services. Chartering can be an essential ally to the piggyback activity, for example when sending freight to Scandinavia, which cannot be reached by rail.

Global logistics

By outsourcing their logistics’ operations, our clients can concentrate on their core business. We offer a range of services: customs clearance, express or dedicated transport, overseas, airfreight services, storage, stock handling, local distribution…

The processing of your application in Promodal

Promodal Schema d'organisation

We study any request, leave nothing outstanding and will respond you on our possibilities.

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