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Promodal Transport Routier France Europe

Our Transport Managers are in charge of all transports to France and Europe. Promodal’s truck fleet, together with a whole network of established reliable partners, can deal with a large demand, ranging from courier to full load services. We monitor every step of the transport process in order to ensure a high quality service, from the booking to delivery of the goods.

Promodal’s drivers and owner-operators chartered regularly and permanently, complete the road-rail activity, allowing Promodal to commit itself in providing the best road transport solutions from Franc to the main destinations in the European Union like Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Eastern Europe…

Special loads and dangerous goods

Matières dangereuses

Promodal is also specialised in the transport of dangerous goods and special loads, governed by international regulations. A Safety Adviser is available to answer all of your questions. Promodal is certified in accordance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, known (ADR), which allows delivery in highly secured zones (sensible sites, airports, etc.).


Promodal transport évènementiel

The event is another transport business expertise of Promodal. Our TE Service helps companies, public institutions and cultural centers in their shipments across Europe.

Promodal transport routier plateaux nus pour du fret à gabarit imposant


The more Promodal is also to provide a fleet of bare shelves on request for any delivery of freight yard in imposing size.

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