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Innovation and development

PROMODAL’s common thread is to improve the control of its production tools by following the concept of continuous improvement.

To this end, the development of a specific management / planning software package dedicated to PROMODAL was launched in the last quarter of 2022. Its name : ARIANE.

This business tool will be specifically adapted to the multimodal technique of combined rail-road transport and will integrate all the particularities of PROMODAL operation.

ARIANE wants to be innovative, both in its use and in its performance; its intelligent learning as it is incremented will significantly improve our multimodal productivity thanks to increased visibility (global connectivity, API connections, specific management modules, web interface).

The security of sensitive data will thus be reinforced according to the GDPR in force.

Since 2019, Promodal has operated the dematerialization and digitization of its tools and this, on several aspects of its activity: from customer & supplier invoicing to material monitoring, from operating schedules to HR management, to the creation of our tailor-made business software constantly optimized.
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