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Transmission and generation
New setting for This ambition

Emblem of this vision and this sustainable philosophy, our new head office was designed in full respect of our environmental commitments. Eco-responsible, low Energy consumption, solar panels…

700m² of offices with roof top and large meeting room backing onto our storage area: a setting worthy of the ambition set.

Located a few meters from the Avignon rail terminal, it is the new production HUB for all of our activities.

New generation integrated
Transition is a generation story. And this generation, at Promodal, we have chosen to integrate it directly into our organization. Young, enthusiastic teams that live up to our green philosophy, supervised by highly experienced profiles. A team connected around a state of mind, tools, convictions at the service of our customers and their daily problems. A Human team above all.
The Promodal nursery: in training!

In this transgenerational logic, we have chosen to develop integrated, continuous training, focused on personal and professional development.

Giving future generations a taste for combined rail-road transport, passing on our experiences to them and developing new ideas alongside them: this is also the Promodal spirit.

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